HORIZON is a unique global network which helps to turn dreams into reality. The basic objective of our cooperation is to promote an open system of world trade, business and investment, tourism and education, which flourish the personal, interpersonal, cultural aspects and growth at every level.

HORIZON contributes to the well-being of countries, companies, and individuals. The basic touches upon areas of HORIZON are economic and cultural diversity and do business with the international marketplace and organizations.

The knack of HORIZON is the CEO of this company, who has remained engaged in all the said activities and has been successfully rendering cooperation, advice and facilitation to the people around. He has selected Russia, because it has the largest area in the world and has its borders with many countries. It has the higher percentage of GDP which is $2.2 trillion, its population is 140.4 million, and it has 10 rivers over 120,000 Kilometers long and coast with 12 seas. Here, is the great happiness for the businessman and investors, because it has the good level of GDP and a stable economy.

HORIZON is using the technologies and take products into foreign markets; the impact of diffusion innovations, retailing institutions; and the emergence of modern corporations. HORIZON is interested how international trade, foreign direct investment, movements toward global capitalism, technology, and contribute to the dissemination of products, services, ideas, and lifestyles in world markets. It mobilizes private capital to help and solve critical world challenges. It is involved in doing business, gain footholds in emerging markets, job and growth opportunities both at local and international level. It also promotes open market, competitions and innovations, sustainable development and cooperate responsibility.

HORIZON increases the competition in domestic markets and opens up new opportunities abroad. It also promote the trade because it has a good market demand and supply curve which call the companies and countries to get benefit from it.



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