Who We Are
HORIZON is a unique global network which helps to turn dreams into reality. The basic objective of our cooperation is to promote an open system of world trade, business and investment, tourism and education, which flourish the personal, interpersonal, cultural aspects and growth at every level.
HORIZON contributes to the well-being of countries, companies, and individuals. The basic touches upon areas of HORIZON are economic and cultural diversity and do business with the international marketplace and organizations.
CEO’s Message

Horizon Educational Adviser Horizon Educational Adviser has a history of responsible business conduct. We strongly believe that real business success is not just about profits measured in numbers but also, as importantly, about how those numbers are achieved. Our corporate strategy reflects our commitment to sustainable business practices and balancing responsibility alongside growth and productivity.

As you all know Horizon Educational Advisor began its journey in 2006 and..

Mission & Vision
Our Mission! Genuine guidance to each and every client by our professional staff. Horizon Educational Advisor provides independent support, guidance, training and solutions to educational entities with a focus on compliance and regulatory challenges, workforce and business needs and problem solving. Our core values guide us in our decisions and behaviors as leaders in the educational consulting community.
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